Similarity occurs when objects look similar to one another, viewers will often see the elements as part of a pattern or group. This effect can be used to create a single illustration, image or message from a series of separate elements. The message hidden with this poster is “it’s written in the stars”. This poster is about the first meeting and discovering the similarity’s the two people have.


Continuation is the principle through which the eye is drawn along a path, line or curve, preferring to see a single continuation figure that separate lines. This can be used to point towards another element in the composition. The design highlights the message “I can’t imagine life without you”. This is surrounded by story’s about all the special moments that two people share during a relationship as it develops and love grows.


Proximity uses the close arrangement of elements to create a group association between those objects, If individuals elements are also similar, they will tend to be perceived as a single whole, even though they are separate elements. In life people choose to show their affection and love for each other by getting married, essentially becoming a single whole. The poster shows the vow taken in this ceremony and incorporates proximity as individual elements come together.


Figure and ground describes the eye’s tendency to see and separate objects from their surrounding background. It works because human eyes want to see the figure (foreground) and background as two different planes of focus. This poster shows the gradual breakdown of the relationship and the habits people start to find annoying. The message in the poster is “We need to talk”, this reflects the concern that the couple is gradually growing apart.


Closure is a common design technique that uses the human eye’s tendency to see closed shapes. Closure works where an object is incomplete or the interior space of an element is not fully closed. This poster shows the inevitable breakdown of the relationship, the fragile feelings that the couple once had for each other have all but gone. The message “You’re an asshole” marks the end of what once was a loving relationship.